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Employee Handbooks

It is important that a company has a set of workplace rules that are up to date and in line with federal, state and local laws. These rules provide an employee with information regarding working conditions, employee benefits, and other information that affect an employee’s employment. These rules also outline the expectations of a business leader in the workplace, and the employee relations expectations.

We will work with you to review your organization’s legal requirements and best practices in order to develop an employee handbook that meets your company’s needs.

Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions are critical for all organizations. They are the primary means of communicating what you expect from each employee. They are also a main source for recruitment, compensation determination, and the conducting of performance reviews.

Our process will help you pinpoint each and every job description in order to help your business be more efficient and credible.

Did You Know?

Based on recent OSHA statistics, nearly 50% of the companies audited by OSHA failed to report and record work related injuries correctly and risked a possible $14,500 fine per incident.

The Complete HR Audit

We are glad you have decided not to continue gambling on the state of your employment practices. As you know, when an employee issue arises, the first place a lawyer or the government will look is at your employment practices. Make sure your employment practices are not only complying with federal, state and local laws but are also embodying the best practices that will drive your business forward.

HR Partnerships offers an analysis of the following areas:

  • Personnel Files

  • Hiring Process

  • New Employee Onboarding

  • Performance Management

  • Staff & Supervisor Training

  • Turnover Analysis

  • Worker’s Compensation

  • Employee Complaint Process

  • Unemployment Filing

  • Termination Procedure

  • Compensation Practices

  • Employee Disciplinary Process

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