When life pushes back in to the Workplace (Free DPF Download)

Once again life and the workplace are coming back together.  More employees today are focusing on enjoying life and putting a greater focus on happiness at work- they change jobs more often, their careers take unexpected twists and turns, and personal satisfaction is becoming as important if not more important than how much they make.

Many employees are now looking for companies whose values align with their personal values and they are looking for ways they can become involved in the community in order to improve society.

Employers are beginning to recognize these changing priorities, by investing in employee engagement, culture, and team development.  This employee-first focus is shaping everything from office floor plans to vacation policies and management styles, making the workplace a more dynamic and expressive place.

This new dynamic and expressive workplace includes people living a wide variety of lifestyles.  There are more single women than ever.  Same-sex marriages are increasingly common.  Careers are lasting longer out of fear of retirement, and many people have several careers in a lifetime.  This diverse mix of people represents new realities for employees and employers.

With these new realities, employees are expecting their employers to respond to their needs.  Between work and life, employees want harmony—not just balance.  With this new blended experience, they expect their employers to keep up with current trends and proactively provide solutions for their changing needs.  Specifically, employees are seeking a sense of financial and emotional wellbeing.  If employees can find this responsiveness in their employer, they’ll show their appreciation through loyalty.

As a result of these new realities, a new expectation that is beginning to emerge is that employees are starting to expect their employer to offer benefits that reflect their changing lives, and respond to the diversity of their needs.

According to the 2016 Metlife Work Redefined: A New Age of Benefits:

  • 58% of employees want customized benefit options based on their personal information.
  • 47% of employees want their company to adjust benefits communications to incorporate same-sex partners.
  • 43% of employees expect to postpone their retirement due to their financial situation.

As employers try to meet the needs of their employees by offering a wider range of benefits they are faced with many challenges.  However, no challenge is as great as developing an effective communication strategy that helps employees fully understand the benefits being offered.

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