5 Ways to Use Tech to Drive Hiring

Are you running a tech-savvy HR department? If not, make no mistake: it shows. Outdated systems and antiquated application processes leave applicants worried that your organizational culture may not be innovative, either. And that might be costing you potential hires. Today, let’s look at 5 ways to engage talent with tech.

1. Mobile-optimized applications
An increasing number of job seekers search and apply for jobs on mobile devices. However, many HR departments have not even investigated whether their online job applications function on multiple platforms. An application that’s unusable on a phone or tablet gives off a poor impression, and is less likely to be completed. Conversely, a bright, clean interface that’s mobile-optimized is appealing to millennial talent, and begins building brand loyalty before applicants ever set foot in your offices.

2. A Simplified Application Process
Applicants want to see an application that’s short and sweet. Ten questions or less, in fact. If you think about this, it makes sense. Filling out a long application on a mobile device is a hassle. Applicants know they’re going to provide you with a resume and cover letter. They know there will be an interview process. Redundancies feel like time-wasters. And job-seekers are applying for multiple open positions, so while a long application may not seem like a problem to you, and you may even view it as a useful tool to weed out less serious candidates, job seekers’ time is at a premium. 62% of them say your application should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. 60% say they won’t finish an application that’s too long.

3. Follow-through
Digital technology makes it so much easier to keep track of applicant pools, and yet many HR departments continue to start from scratch with each new open position. People who applied to work for your organization once are more likely to do it again, so exploit the digital application process, and mine your records for applicants you might want to reach out to again.

4. Personalization
Even if you’re using tech, you might be doing it badly. Auto-responses are one example. Just because you’re automating the process of keeping track of applicants does not mean you should automate your response! Digital should still be personal. Two-thirds of applicants expect some sort of personalized contact after applying, so if you’re not making that call or individualizing that email, you could lose a candidate to someone who is.

5. Paperless Onboarding
Remember our earlier point about how old-fashioned systems convey a message about your organization’s culture? We’ve also talked before about how onboarding is critical to employee retention. So if you’re still handing sheafs of paper to new hires, it’s time to rethink that. Go digital!

An increasing number of our organizations are going digital with their processes and migrating to the cloud. In order to create a unified organizational culture, HR needs to do the same!


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