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Turnover, Benefit questions, How managers are managing employees, Sexual Harassment, and other risks, Lack of documentation, Training, Pay issues, Managing benefits, Employee Handbook, Poor employee performance, Stressed employees, Disengaged employees, Onboarding, and Terminations.  Call or text us at 1-800-213-5208 don’t go it alone.  We want to help you.

As HR Professionals, we are passionate about working with companies by providing them with process, systems and resources that enable them to achieve their goals and mission.  We love to work with companies that understand how vital their employees are to their success as well as how important is to the bottom line to successfully navigate the government alphabet soup (EEOC, DOL, OSHA, ADA, ACA, etc.).

We are able to live this passion every day through our work.  Our customized approach provides human resources, online training, payroll and employee management systems, as well as employee benefits from health insurance to worker’s compensation.  It is never a one size fits all our clients chose what works for them.

Before you leave check out some of the reasons clients come to us.

Some clients come to us because they worry they don’t have the time or knowledge to manage employee issues or questions, resulting in them or their supervisors saying or doing the wrong things. They are concerned that they have little to no record keeping process putting them at great risk which could be very costly.

They express frustration about how their employees are always asking the same questions about their benefits and that they are answering the same question multiple times and they never seem to get new employees enrolled or removed from benefits when they should and how it’s affecting their cash flow and taking up a lot of their time.

We appreciate your interest, but before you go one last thing:

Clients have expressed frustration with HR training that is required when a new employee starts and ongoing such as Sexual Harassment, OSHA, etc. They try to do it but it never gets done on time, few records are kept making it impossible to track.

If any of things seem familiar contact us- we would enjoy speaking with you.  Call, text or email us at 800-213-5208, cs@hrpartnershipsinc.com

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